Top 5 Hottest Marvel Female Characters

Marvel Top 5 Hottest Female Characters

Marvel comic books, animated movies, live action movies, video games, and other forms of mediums now dominate the media. Marvel’s female characters, in particular, have provided many female actresses with that one chance in a lifetime to play a superheroine and become so insanely popular you even have toy figures of yourself. Naturally, all of […]

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 9

Phone Wars Round 9

Huawei’s lawsuit projectile launched and it’s headed for the US Commerce Department. Huawei sued the United States Commerce Department for the seized equipment, last Friday. The exact target of the lawsuit was the question if the telecommunications equipment that is arriving from China to the US and back to China again is covered by the […]

Kim Phan – Blizzard’s Global Esports Director Quits

Kim Phan

The epic journey ends for her. Kim Phan, the woman who worked on expanding Esports for 15 years, is moving on to a “new endeavor” in some other part of the gaming industry, according to her statement. While there are still no candidates to fill in Kim’s shoes, Kim, who worked with TeamLiquid from the […]

Marvel Super War Tier List – Beta test

marvel super war

Marvel Super War beta test servers are down and it is time to wrap things down. First of all, I have to say the game looks amazing and you can check the Marvel Super War Early Review – article, where you can find what we think of the game in general. Our goal is to […]

SRPG Mobile Game Yokai: Spirits Hunt – Pre-Registration is Open!

Yokai-Spirit Hunt

Cube Magic Inc. has announced the Global Pre-registration for Yokai: Spirits Hunt. It takes ink paintings and transforms them into a classic collectible card game that meets strategy role-playing game you don’t want to miss. With a combination of compelling stories and various immortal spirits-a.k.a Yokai-based on the Chinese mythology, players will follow the protagonist […]

Tiny Royale – Snapchat’s battle royale

Zynga Tiny Royale

Snapchat battle royale game, Tiny Royale, is now out and the title alone lets you know it’s epic. Tiny Royale Zynga is therefore made exclusively for Snap Games, according to the developer and the recent online announcement. The best part is that it is out now and playable and overly positive reviews are already coming […]

Talking Tom Hero Dash, an awesome superhero-themed runner, is now available globally

Hero Dash Featured

The wait is finally over for Outfit7’s awesome superhero-themed runner, Talking Tom Hero Dash. The latest entry in the hugely popular Talking Tom and Friends franchise blends fast-paced runner action with awesome superhero powers and gadgets. And after smashing past 4.5 million pre-registered users, the game is already off to a tremendous start. Each member […]

Marvel Super War Early Review

Marvel Super War Early Review

Not too long after NetEase signed a collaboration deal with Marvel, their first title – Marvel Super War got announced and shortly after that, it entered the closed beta. We had the opportunity to try this game out, and we were pleasantly surprised by the content it had to offer. Intro As many of you […]

Baldur’s Gate 3 in development by Larian?

Baldurs Gate 3 Teaser

We all love Larian, right? Their Divinity RPG has owned its respective portion of the old school hype for the genre and today they enjoy well-earned respect. They are founded in 1996 in Belgium, by a guy called Swen Vincke, and they are almost entirely focusing on RPGs. Their Divinity series began in 2002, with […]

NetEase signed a contract with Marvel, so expect more Marvel Universe games

Marvel-NetEase Contract

NetEase and Marvel have just sealed the deal for an extended collaboration. Marvel have announced the news themselves as their collaboration with the Chinese giant IT Co NetEase will surely pay off. What the fans of the movies and players would definitely want to know is that this collaboration now is officially opened for more […]