Top 5 Battle Royale games for Mobile

Top 5 Mobile Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale games have conquered the world in a very short period of time. In just a few years, games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite have gathered millions and have grown out of the borders of video gaming mediums. Fortnite often connects with trending movies, like the Avengers and John Wick, while PUBG has all […]

Top 5 Fighting Games for Switch

Top 5 Fighting Games Switch

Nintendo Switch has proven in the last two years that it has what it takes to invade any genre, and now, fighting games for Switch are taking more and more room on virtual store shelves. First, the projects were small and shy, but ambitious for sure, and after Mortal Kombat arrived on Switch, it was […]

Top 5 Upcoming Switch Games

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games 2019

With the first half of 2019 slowly passing us by, Nintendo Switch games released so far astonished both the young and the old, female and male audiences. Demanding gamers got Mortal Kombat 11, while those with platforms in their hearts got several Mario and Luigi exhibitions. However, Nintendo is not done with us yet for […]

Top 5 Strategy Games for Mobile

Top 5 Mobile Strategy Games

As the year 2019 is well underway, we’ve had plenty of new strategy games for our mobile devices come our way. Some tried to up the visual game, some brought more in terms of raw content, and some even delighted the fans of the genre with some innovative features. It is definitely time for a […]

Top 5 Best and Biggest PVP MMO Moments In Gaming History

Top 5 Best Gaming Moments

Massively Multiplayer Gaming system surely changed the experience for all of us back when it started and upped the stakes remarkably. In the early ‘00s, the expansion of the multiplayer experience took over the world and it still dominates the gaming market. Esport events became even more popular and the gaming industry never looked back […]

Top 5 Games To Play With Your Significant Other For Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! And, happy Thursday, if you don’t have a girlfriend! Joking aside, it is always good to have a game or two in your mind when you want to spend some quality time with your significant other, or friend, or just a new acquaintance. Several serious studies have shown that couples that do […]

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch Accessories

There’s no denying that Nintendo Switch is a phenomenal portable gaming console. Even the most basic version of Nintendo Switch starter package which comes with just a few essential pieces of equipment is enough to afford you with hundreds of hours of ultimate gaming fun. However, that’s only the beginning. More demanding users, ardent Nintendo […]

Top 5 wireless headphones from 2018

top 5 wireless mobile headphones

Most of the modern phones follow the tendency of not having a 3.5mm jack, which consequently increases the demand for wireless headphones. As the market for them grows, the inevitable question arises: which ones to get? There are a lot of factors buyers have to consider before making the ultimate choice. For starters, would you […]

Top 5 Co-Op Video Games

A good excuse to have your friends over and skip the standard night out of heavy drinking is a good Co-Op video game night. Also, studies have shown that couples who play games have an increased experience of their relationship and value their quality time more. These picks are games that are satisfactory to play […]

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games Fall 2018

nintendo switch

A year and a half after its release, Nintendo Switch is growing in its popularity, while having lived up to every expectation we had. They promised us a portable high-powered device to play games on the go that we couldn’t do so before, and that’s what we got and more. Not only can we play […]