Terraria Nintendo Switch

Terraria launching on Switch today!

Terraria Switch release date is today, 27th of June! So, Terrarians rejoice as Terraria download enters Nintendo Store beginning today. Now, the actual price is still not disclosed, but for Nintendo 3DS it was $19.99, so it will undoubtedly be somewhere along those lines for Switch. Now, since the game has already conquered PC, Terraria Steam is now offering a 50% discount, which might influence the pricing for Switch.

Terraria Switch Release Date is June 27, 2019

Live from today, Terraria Switch physical edition might take some more time to arrive, according to online sources, so if you are a collector, you’ll probably need to wait for a while. On the other hand, the game will be ready for a digital download today, as Nintendo promised. On Steam, Terraria’s PC version reviews and feedback were Overwhelmingly Positive in both cases, while the game’s original release date was May 16th, 2011. It was both developed and published by Re-Logic.

Terraria has since sold more than 27 million copies and it is being compared to Minecraft, Metroid, and other sand-box action-adventures. It features a 2D procedurally generated world, where you lead your character mainly through a platforming environment, with lots of action, crafting, items, and more.

Terraria console editions were also released through the last few years and have been somewhere around 20 bucks, while Nintendo Switch version is expected not to go above $30. On the Nintendo Store, Terraria Switch unveiling is scheduled to be sometime during the day, which is when the price will be known. There are some rumors that it may be free-to-play, but that’s probably wishful thinking. If you want to connect to Terraria’s community, check out the game’s official Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

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